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IZZI's muse is graphic tees, vintage sports design, and concert posters. He took the less traditional route of getting business experience first then finishing school with a BA in Art & Design. This experience has allowed IZZI to add extra levels of expertise as an art direct, understanding the business side and creative side to strategy for any project.

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recent work

Logo/Brand Identity

TWO TEN Buffalo is an upcoming development in Utah bringing a luxury farm to table experience to a small town. The owner of the development has an appreciation for the local history and Native American culture. IZZI used lots of symbolism along with a hand designed feel for the logo to show respect for the area. The buffalo head faces East, the second C in the roman numerals on the coin is placed at true north.

Art Direction

Synesthesia was a local art show put on by an art group, the task was to come up with the art direction for this specific show. IZZI provided posters and social media posts for promotional material and event branding.

Visual Identity/Brand Guidelines

Sunroom Studio is an upcoming salon. More details of the project are in the images apart of the brand guidelines. 


This family wanted to fill their empty wall with locations of southern Utah where they spend most of their time traveling and making memories.

Visual Identity/Graphic Design

Cold Cereal was a tshirt company I had the privilage of working with. I took care of their Visual Identity as well as designing their tshirts. 

personal projects

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