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I remember as a kid sitting around our dining room table captivated by my father’s stories. The atmosphere revolved around the emotions of these stories, often ending with the listeners erupting in laughter. He seemed to have a story for every moment. Many of them were of his own, growing up in a small town, or of his father’s travels while sailing around the world. But no matter what the story, the audience was hooked.


Since being an avid listener, I’ve had a desire to be able to capture an audience as a storyteller. After years of exploring, I found it through visual design and art.


An ode to the late 19th and early 20th century, the parlor is a space for entertaining, for business, for collaborating, and gathering as a community. We want to provide the same space for creatives of all avenues. We focus on brining your story to life, whether you’re an artist looking for support and opportunity, or a designer wanting to sharpen the sword, or a business needing help capturing their own story in branding or visual identity, the parlor is the place to begin. Through design and art we bring people together to share their stories.


Our team of raconteurs has many talents and is continually expanding. We have much to offer so whether you simply need tshirts or posters, or you're looking for a brand campaign or possibly some new environmental design for your office space, we want to help bring it to life. Please reach out to IZZI our founder, he loves to hear your story and begin the process of bringing it to life.

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