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In today’s world of automation, AI, and ease, The Parlor323 seeks to expand your brand through the beauty of personal touch and human experience.

I remember as a kid sitting around our dining room table captivated by my father’s
stories. The atmosphere revolved around the emotions of these stories, often ending
with the listeners erupting in laughter. He seemed to have a story for every moment.
Many of them were of his own, growing up in a small town, or of his father’s travels
while sailing around the world. But no matter what the story, the audience was hooked.

Since being an avid listener, I’ve had a desire to be able to capture an audience as a
storyteller. After years of exploring, I found it through visual design and art.

An ode to the late 19th and early 20th century, the parlor is a space for gathering,
entertaining, and collaborating. We want to provide the same space for creatives of all
avenues; a gathering place for those who want to tell the story of the future through
meaningful art and design.

Gather the raconteurs who want to create the future through meaningful art and design.

Through our collaborative team of raconteurs, we focus on bringing your story to life.Whether it’s redesigning your brand, creating social media posts, or designing a few simple t-shirts, our goal is to establish a visual identity that tells the story of your company.

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